Ever watched a home make-over TV show where a lucky family receives a new and improved home? That is what the Shamba Shape Up television show is doing in Kenya!

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves has partnered with the TV show to raise awareness about clean cooking in Kenya. In this country alone, 84% of the population use solid fuels like charcoal and wood for cooking. This means that over 35 million people are affected by household air pollution on a daily basis!

The GACC got involved to provide clean cookstoves to all the kitchens which are featured on the show- our Jiko Bora Charcoal Stove and Dura Wood Stove will feature in separate episodes.

The image below shows a typical sooty roof, due to inefficient cooking!

The program will give viewers in Kenya a first hand look at how cooking on open or inefficient stoves affects a household. Black soot covers the walls, the pots and everything it comes in contact with! Clean cookstoves dramatically reduce harmful emissions, leaving all these parts of the kitchen much cleaner. This also greatly benefits the health of the whole family and saves them money on fuel, which they can use for other important things like school fees.

Tune in to Shamba Shape up and Shamba Chef on Citizen TV if you are in Kenya (starting May 16th), and enjoy watching these Kenyan homes being transformed. For more information, visit the Shamba Shape Up website here!

The EcoZoom Dura Wood Stove will be the star of the show on May 9th at 1.30pm in Kiswahili, and on the 12th of May at 1.30pm in English.

The EcoZoom Jiko Bora will be the star of the show on the 30th of May at 1.30pm in Kiswahili, and on the 2nd of June at 1.30pm in English. The second Jiko Bora feature will air on the 4th of July at 1.30pm in Kiswahili, and on the 7th of July at 1.30pm in English.  

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