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EcoZoom Stoves

Stove types: Wood stoves, charcoal stoves and flex-fuel stoves. See our full stove portfolio HERE.

Benefits: Our stoves save up to 70% on fuel usage compared to an open fire or inefficient stove, and produce 60% less smoke. They can save a user up to 200 USD per year, and last up to 5 years. Over the 5 year lifetime of the stove, 30 trees and 12 tons of CO2 are saved!

Credibility: EcoZoom stoves have been tested by Aprovecho Research Center (Portland, Oregon) and Nairobi University (Kenya) to ensure they provide an efficient and safe cooking experience. Experts test the speed of cooking local foods, ease of use, fuel consumption, emissions released, and response of the cooks. In March of 2016 we contacted 100 users of our 'Jiko Bora' charcoal stove in Kenya to find out how they were performing. 96% of the users were happy with the product! More than 50% were using their jiko daily, while over 90% felt that the stove had saved them money and made their home healthier.

Charcoal Stoves

EcoZoom charcoal stoves are specifically designed for people who cook using charcoal on a daily basis. We have sold our charcoal stoves in Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Zambia, among others. In countries like Kenya, this is the reality for many people living in peri-urban areas. An estimated 32% of the urban population of Kenya are still cooking with solid fuels. When a family uses a traditional charcoal stove, the insulation is often very poor, and little thought has gone into fuel efficiency with the design.

EcoZoom charcoal stoves have clay and ceramic fibre insulation which ensures no heat is lost to the outside of the stove. The strong cast iron top is an excellent conductor of heat, and the smaller combusion chamber ensure that high temperatures effectively reach the bottom of the pot, rather than escaping past the sides. Each of our charcoal stoves lasts up to 5 years and has a 2 year warranty.  

Wood Stoves

Our wood fuel stoves happen to be the first product that was designed by EcoZoom when the company was first started. Initially designed for camping and outdoor use, we realised that there were people cooking daily with firewood in developing countries around the world. We have sold our wood stoves in countries like Rwanda, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Somalia and Nigeria, among others. These people can benefit greatly from a simple rocket stove design, rather than cooking on open fires.

Household air pollution kills 4 million people per year, and cooking with firewood plays a massive part in this problem. Typically, women are tasked with cooking in the household. If a woman cooks two meals a day using firewood for her family, the damage is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.


Women and girls are most affected by household air pollution. Not only do they suffer debilitating health issues as a result of constant exposure to household air pollution, they are also at risk of gender based violence when tasked with fuel collection. Women and girls living in rural areas can often spend up to four hours walking great distances to collect firewood. In countries where there is ongoing civil conflict, these vulnerable girls are often ambushed by militiamen who either steal their firewood or worse- sexually abuse them

Cooking on an EcoZoom wood stove reduces fuel consumption by more than half that of an open fire. The stove is also much easier to maintain, and therefore cooks faster. This means that women and girls spend less time in the kitchen, and less time out collecting firewood. 

Flex-Fuel Stoves

In more developed countries like the United States and Australia, people use our rocket stoves recreationally- for camping trips and cooking outdoors when the weather is nice. They are also very popular for emergency preparedness. We have two stove models that are most suited for recreational use- the Versa stove and the double burner Plancha stove. Both of these models use firewood, charcoal or solid biomass fuel for cooking.

They boast the same benefits as our other stoves (fuel and emission savings), though their price point is higher. These stoves have received positive reviews by many bloggers and YouTube channels, check some of these reviews out on our YouTube Reviews Playlist HERE.




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