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Frequently Asked Questions

Our stoves are unique, but once you fire one up you will love their simplicity. Haven't had a chance to try one of our stoves? We’ve tried to answer some of our most frequently asked questions to make your outdoor cooking experience more enjoyable.

Rediscover Your Fire


What types of fuel can the stove use?

We offer several models of stoves that can use a variety of biomass fuels. The Zoom Dura burns wood and other dried biomass (e.g. corncobs, cow dung, etc.). The Zoom Versa and Zoom Plancha can burn wood, other dried biomass, or charcoal. The Zoom Jet is a charcoal only cookstove.

How much fuel does the stove need to cook effectively?

The great thing about our stove design is that not a lot of fuel is needed. Once a fire is started in the combustion chamber, all you need are three, one foot long sticks less than in inch in diameter to boil 5 liters of water and another stick to simmer it for 45 minutes. On the Zoom Versa you can bake a whole chicken with 10 charcoal briquettes (dutch oven required for baking). The amount of fuel really depends on the cooking task. When I’m camping, there are usually plenty of sticks nearby to fuel your stove!

Which model should I choose?

It comes down to personal preference. Here are some thoughts to help guide you.

The Zoom Dura has a classic rocket stove design and is super easy to use. No bells and whistles. You’ll want to have access to wood or other dried biomass. It is great if you have a backyard with lots of sticks laying around or to go camping since it is our lightest model.

The Zoom Versa is a more advanced rocket stove that offers a damper door to control airflow and heat output. The Versa can also make your wood last longer. When all the wood is used up, you’ll have coals and embers built up in the combustion chamber. Shut the top door all the way and the bottom door almost all the way and you can continue to simmer for 30-40 minutes. Another bonus is that you can use charcoal as well. So, if you’re in a city, don’t have access to wood, like the taste of food cooked with charcoal or think charcoal is easier to store for emergency preparation, then this is the stove for you.

Can I use my stove indoors?

No. We have talked to the EPA about whether or not our stove is safe enough to use indoors and they said no. If you do use the Plancha indoors, proper ventilation prior to use, during use, and after is required. Our stoves are not UL rated, the Plancha model should be used at your own risk indoors.

Can my stove be used as a heater?

We do not recommend our stoves for heating. They were designed to be used outdoors and because they are fully insulated they will not transfer heat effectively, unless you are able to make your own heat exchange adapter.

I live outside the US and want to buy a stove for recreation or emergency preparedness, what do I do?

Our online Store is set up to handle orders for products being shipped to the US. If you live outside that area and want a stove, just send us an email (micha@ecozoom.co.ke). We’ll get a shipping quote for you and process the order manually. If we have a distributor in your country, we’ll connect you with them so you can save on shipping costs.

Where can I learn more about improved cookstove projects around the world?

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is a great place to start. They are a private-public partnership set up with the express purpose of educating people about what improved cookstoves can do and getting more of them out there.

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