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Camping & Outdoor

Stoves suitable for camping: The Versa and the Dura.

Fuel types: Wood, charcoal or solid biomass fuel.

Benefiits: Connecting with nature means disconnecting from our everyday lives. The great outdoors offers us the freedom to explore, relax, and recharge. Our Stoves are best for use in the outdoors i.e. when camping, fishing or just relaxing. Our camping stoves are built for maximum heat transfer, efficiency and durability. The rocket stove technology forces flames and gases to mix in a fully insulated internal combustion chamber. The result is an eco-friendly burn that minimises fuel consumption and emissions while maximising heat output!

Outdoor Cooking

In developed countries our stoves are perfect for outdoor cooking, camping or for emergencies. Unlike other outdoor cooking methods, our stoves don't rely on gas fuel or lengthy preparation (like a barbecue). They use firewood, charcoal or solid biomass and have a lifetime of more than 5 years.

They are fuel efficient, durable and safe to use; we currently sell in the United States & Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium & LuxembourgAustraliaJapanChile and Germany



Why should I get one?

Unlike traditional stoves, EcoZoom stoves don't rely on propane or gas fuel. Nature is your fuel- just a handful of sticks can cook an entire meal.

Benefits : Portable, powerful and easy to use, EcoZoom stoves provide a quality outdoor cooking experience.

Current & older models : Re-discover your fire! Have a look at our entire stove portfolio HERE. Please note that some of these stoves are not available for sale in the US & Canada as individual units, but can be purchased wholesale by contacting us directly.


Emergency Preparedness:

When we get the chance to ask our customers what they plan on using our EcoZoom rocket stoves for, many of them say “just in case”. Some people want one of our EcoZoom stoves primarily to keep on hand and use only if they find themselves in a situation without power. Others will cook with their stove on a daily basis, but also like knowing that they have an emergency stove to use just in case they need it.

Some will use their rocket stove as their primary camping stove and feel more secure having their EcoZoom stove at home if they ever find themselves in an emergency. An EcoZoom stove can provide a powerful and efficient cooking source in the case of an emergency. Just a handful of sticks from the outdoors can cook an entire meal!



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