Many solar powered home systems on the market are made up of 3 bulbs which are connected to an external battery using lots of messy wires. Imagine how inconvenient it is to have such a solar home system, in a household that has separate units?

It is not unusual for a rural Kenyan household to be made up of several rooms which are not connected to each other. On one property, you might find the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom each as a stand alone unit.

Well... that is why we designed the flexible EcoZoom Multi Light! And what else? Keep reading...

The Multi Light is made up of three bright solar powered bulbs which stay connected to the solar panel ONLY for charging! Each bulb has 2 brightness settings. The product also comes with a portable power bank for phone charging. Once charged, the owner can use each component however they like.

We talk to our customers- they agree that portability is the game changer. On a visit to Kitui, Mary told us that her husband is a boda boda (Kenyan motorbike taxi) rider who carries his power bank with him to work. Mary also keeps one bulb in her handbag, in case she finds herself walking home at night!

Thanks to valuable feedback from end users, we have created some more affordable options using the same popular orange bulbs as the Multi Light.

The new Duo Light comes with two bulbs and a 4W panel. Mobile phones can also be charged from the panel.

The new Single Solar comes as one bulb with a small panel. There is an option to have phone charging included for a small price.

And finally, we have the Single Lamp. This is a single bulb which can be added on to existing systems to increase the size i.e. if added to the original Multi Light, you would go from having 3 bulbs to 4.

This string of products makes up the EcoZoom Multi Light Range!

The user decides how big, or how small they want their home system to be. This means that each part of the household or business can run on solar lighting, regardless of how many rooms or family members there are!

This Multi Light Range concept has opened many exciting doors for our EcoZoom product development team.

We look forward to continuing our focus groups and customer satisfaction surveys in order to bring people what they want.

Thank you for your continued support!


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