Smaller than the size of student’s composition book and weighing less than 0.45 kg (< 1 lb), EcoZoom’s 19 cm X 20 cm (7.48 inch X 7.87 inch) compact solar grid for the Duo Light kit delivers an array of benefits for its users and the environment.


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When electricity is neither available or too costly, populations globally resort to dangerous alternatives to achieve their lighting needs. Some utilise kerosene lamps or indoor fireplaces, both of which give off dangerous by-products including harmful emissions that cause heart and lung diseases resulting in premature deaths, as well as harsh lighting that can damage eyesight. Kerosene lamps and indoor fireplaces also contribute to negative effects on the environment and climate change.

According to GOGLA (, the global association for the off-grid solar energy industry, there are over 1 billion people living without electricity. EcoZoom solar product’s unique, lightweight, portable design makes for easy installation and flexibility of use. The Duo Light solar kit comes complete with a weatherproof 4W-6V solar grid, a 6M cable with DC connectors- one for each bulb, 2-detachable LED bulbs with an internal lithium ion battery and swivel hook, and a 5-in-one charging cable.

“Our solar components have the potential to completely change the dynamics of the household,” states Oli Raison, CEO of EcoZoom. “The benefits delivered by our solar line immediately impact everyone in the home, elevating their lifestyle and leading them to a healthier, more productive and financially stable life for generations.”

Delivering a Healthier Lifestyle
Substituting clean solar lighting for inefficient and dangerous indoor fires and kerosene lamps eliminates the negative by-products reducing indoor-air-pollution and providing clean energy in the form of smokeless lighting, resulting in a healthier lifestyle for all the inhabitants.

Delivering Economic Benefits
GOGLA also reports households spending between 10-15% of their income on recurring fuel-based lighting expenditures. Solar lighting provides freedom from these recurring costs. Other expenses are eliminated. For many of these families, the only form of communication is likely a cell phone that requires regular charging. Without direct access to electricity one must leave their phone with a local vendor to charge it for a fee. Utilising the 5-in-one multi-adaptor charging cable, one can charge their phone at home at no cost. Money saved improves the family’s financial stability allowing them to use the funds on other important items including domestic, medical and educational expenses.

Delivering Mobility
EcoZoom’s detachable light bulbs give additional mobility and flexibility to use the lights in any room or outdoors, extending “light” hours for the family. Children can study in one area while mum and dad can perform house chores, crafts or work on their business activities.

The solar LED bulbs weighing less than an apple easily detach, providing effortless mobility allowing one, even a child, to move the light wherever its needed. The metal swivel hook lets one hang it from a post, tree, line or even a belt loop for hands free usage.

In addition to the Duo light model, EcoZoom’s solar line comes in a variety of options. The single bulb system (4W 6V) system also features the 19 cm X 20 cm solar grid with one detachable bulb and the 5-in-one charging cable.

And for more flexibility, EcoZoom’s Multi-light sets feature solar grids that are slightly larger. The 3-bulb, Multi Light solar kit (6V 6W) comes with a 28.5 cm X 20 cm (11.22 inch X 7.87 inch) solar grid and the 4-bulb, Multi Light Maxi solar kit (13W 6V) has a solar grid measuring 35 cm X 29 cm (13.8 inch X 11.4 inch). Multi-light sets come with the 5-in-one charging cable as well as a portable power bank.

Delivering Ecological Benefits
Solar lighting units provide smokeless clean energy, completely eliminating CO2 outputs and other harmful emissions that contribute to climate change.

Delivering Business Opportunity
With a growing demand for solar products, also comes business opportunities for industrious entrepreneurs. In a quest to reach those in need of solar energy, EcoZoom has created small business opportunities as a distributor or retailer for individuals seeking to increase their income potential. For more information on distributor and retailer opportunities contact

Delivering Impact
Since 2015, EcoZoom has worked in collaboration with governments, NGOs, humanitarian groups and for-profit companies to deliver quality solar products across the globe. In 2016, EcoZoom launched a signature line of solar products.

EcoZoom has generated notable impact on lives and the environment in undeveloped countries and rural areas.

*Impact figures are based on end-user’s average daily use in developing countries from 2015 – 2017, with products in use for a minimum of 1-full year and valuated over the life span of each product.

EcoZoom’s solar impact figures from 2015-2017:

  • Fuel (kerosene expenses saved): 2,055,552,250 KES (19,927,796.72 USD).
  • Reduced tons of CO2 output: 11,383 tons.
  • Watts generated: 91,393,080 watts.
  • Kerosene (fuel reduced in litres): 11,602,381 litres.
  • households improved homes: 55,032 households.


Article written by Mary Vail, the Philanthropic Publicist.  

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