We are a social enterprise and certified B Corp offering a variety of ecological products that are designed to transform lives. Are you interested in making a social and environmental impact in your area? Distributing EcoZoom products can help you do both, no matter where you live. 
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Established in 2011, we have quickly risen to become one of the most respected companies delivering environmentally conscious products across the globe, now in over 23 countries.

As an award winning social enterprise, we are recognized for our durable products and environmental impact. Our clean cookstoves use 70% less fuel, helping to reduce deforestation, and they produce 60% less toxic smoke. Our solar lights completely eliminate the need for dirty kerosene lighting. 

Our products are popular in developing countries where people live without electricity and cook with solid fuels daily. They are also used in more developed parts of the world for emergency preparedness, camping as well as other recreational purposes. 
Become a part of the global market trend of eco-friendly, environmentally conscious products. Having an exclusive distributorship with us means that you will not experience competition from fellow EcoZoom sellers in your area. 

Benefits of distributing our products:
  • High return on investment. 
  • Marketing assistance. 
  • Access to proven sales strategies. 
  • High-rated, high-value, high-demand product line!
  • Excellent warranty and consumer support system. 

Successful distributorships have already been established in Japan, Germany, South Africa, Chile, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg), Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, among others. 

Immediate distributorships are available in Spain, Pakistan, France, Nigeria, Italy, Ethiopia, Ghana, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malawi and Zimbabwe!

Don't see your country above? Or do, but want to check if you can distribute in a separate area? Contact our Global Sales Manager Charles Kariuki at charles@ecozoom.co.ke for more information. 

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