In July this year, EcoZoom visitied Mbaluku Primary School together with the KG Foundation for a special stove donation event, thanks to YOU! Our Donate A Stove program took us to Machakos where four schools in the area each received two brand new charcoal stoves for their kitchens! 

The KG Foundation in Kenya acts as a catalyst for individuals and communities to realize their potential, exercise social responsibility and drive positive change in society. They are determined to improve the quality of education in Kenya, and were just as excited as we were to bring our environmentally friendly products to four schools in Machakos!

As you can see in the photo, the school kitchen at Mbaluku Primary was not a healthy space. They were using this three-stone fire to cook all their meals, and to boil water for drinking. This way of cooking is extremely unhealthy, evident from the black soot on the walls. It also consumes large amounts of fuel due to poor insulation.

EcoZoom charcoal stoves use less than half the fuel of an open fire, and produce next to no smoke- thanks to the efficient combustion! Using a clean cookstove like ours greatly improves the health of the user, saves them time and saves them the money that they would have spent on fuel. 

EcoZoom employee Georgina gave a lively demonstration of our Zoom Jet Economy charcoal stove to this group of teachers. These teachers work across the four schools where the stoves were to be distributed, some had never heard of improved cookstoves!

Product demonstrations are a vital part of our plan to increase the uptake of environmentally friendly products in Kenya. We clearly explain how the product should be used, how it will benefit the user, and happily answer all the important questions that follow!

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at Mbaluku Primary, and look forward to growing our relationship with the KG Foundation! 

EcoZoom's clean cookstoves can greatly improve the health, income and environment of more people than you can imagine. Are you interested in donating a clean cookstove? Visit our Donate A Stove page HERE to be part of something huge!

Please write to with any questions, thank you for your continued support!

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