Papua New Guinea has a population of over 7 million people, 70% of which are still using solid fuels like firewood and charcoal for cooking daily. EcoZoom is happy to be distributing clean cookstoves across these palm oil farms in Papua New Guinea!

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves estimates that over 5 million people in this country are adversely affected by household air pollution, with over 3000 of these cases resulting in death every year.

The introduction of EcoZoom clean cookstoves to Pandi Estate farms and the Meramera zone in Papua New Guinea began in May 2017. Pandi Estate wants to support its employees by helping them acquire clean cookstoves which will improve their health, income and environment!

EcoZoom cookstoves can save families over 60% in fuel expenditure and reduce harmful emissions by 70%. This greatly improves the health of the entire family and helps them escape energy poverty, enabling them to invest in their own businesses and pay for important things like school fees.

The first stove demonstrations in the area generated a very positive response which resulted in many families asking for the stoves! Close to 500 people signed up from the surrounding villages and compounds.

The first container of EcoZoom stoves arrived in HOPL Central Stores earlier this year, and the demand remains high. Women in the area have found that the stove has made their food preparation faster, and has reduced the time they normally spend collecting firewood.

The EcoZoom team looks forward to continuing our expansion into Papua New Guinea. Do you live in Papua New Guinea? Contact Andrew Grey for more information on

For all EcoZoom product global and wholesale enquiries, please email Charles Kariuki (, our global sales manager!

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