EcoZoom products are a catalyst to improve the standard of living for users across the globe. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a standard of living is the
level of wealth and comfort people have in a particular society. And, the United Nations measures standard of living with the Human Development Index (HDI), based on factors including life expectancy at birth, education, and income per capita.

For those living in developed countries, elevating one’s standard of living might equate to moving into a nicer neighbourhood, attending college or seeking a higher paying job. But for those in underdeveloped areas, being in absolute or extreme poverty prevents them from rising above their current living standard.



Poverty households living off-grid or in underdeveloped countries lack basic utilities in their homes such as running water, electricity, natural gas or sewage management. Even if any of these utilities are available it is cost prohibitive for them to use. The result is the adaptation of domestic practices have been ingrained for generations. While crucial for survival, these rituals are extremely harmful, inefficient and costly, keeping them and their loved ones in a poverty state and susceptible to serious lung and heart disease.

Domestic activities, especially cooking are arduous tasks and very time consuming, leaving little time for other activities. These households utilize open fires or rudimentary cookstoves to prepare their meals, using costly wood or charcoal as the fuel source. Those who can’t afford either will spent hours collecting wood in the nearby lands. And, the smoke and by products emitted from these fires lingers within the dwelling proving very harmful for the residents.

Another, costly practice is the use of kerosene lamps for a lighting source. Byproducts from kerosene is also detrimental to one’s heart and lungs.
Unless a household finds a way to reduce the high reoccurring costs of cooking and lighting utilities, they will be stuck in a vicious cycle that prevents them from seeking opportunities to further their financial or educational ambitions.

Thus, climbing out of their current living standard can be an overwhelming and seemingly impossible undertaking, it often takes a catalyst to stimulate change. However, providing them with transformational products to replace inefficient and hazardous ones will provide such a catalyst.

EcoZoom, an award-winning social enterprise has been focused on delivering transformational cooking and lighting solutions products that elevates the standard of living of users across the globe. The company’s diverse collection of improved cook stoves and solar lights moves the needle for financially challenged and off-grid households that struggle with the expense and harmful environment of their current living situation.

EcoZoom’s energy efficient cookstoves, both wood and charcoal versions utilize less fuel thus decreasing fuel costs by 70% and reducing harmful CO2 emissions by 60%. The company’s solar lighting products completely eliminate, that’s a 100% decrease in both the reoccurring lighting fuel costs and the harmful CO2 emissions.

EcoZoom products offer households more time, funds and a healthier well-being to pursue alternative lifestyle options for them and their children such as work, schooling, training, or opening a business. Their life expectancy, educational opportunity and income will all be positively impacted, resulting in a higher standard of living.

Author: Mary Vail.

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