EcoZoom stoves are ideal for outdoor cooking, whether it is for back yard BBQs in the summer or for use in the woods during an emergency. Our stoves are popular with people of all interests, from camping enthusiasts, to emergency preppers. For this reason, there are SO MANY great reviews on YouTube to be seen of our EcoZoom products!

YouTube is where people go to watch and learn about things they love, and to share their own videos about the things they love! These videos are all made independently and are a true testament to the quality and durability of EcoZoom products. 

The grey Versa stove is by far the most popular, it uses both wood and charcoal. The blue Dura stove uses wood only, and the double burner Plancha stove is great for permanent outdoor kitchens. A variety of videos can be found on all of these products, please keep reading to see some of the best of them below! 

Top 5 reasons you need a Versa stove:

A scenic view with this Australian Versa review:

The Versa stove goes through the ultimate survival test:

Testing the Dura wood stove:

Cooking on the double burner Plancha stove:

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