The Dutch is bringing EcoZoom cookstoves to campers and outdoor lovers in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg). The EcoZoom stove takes you back to basic, cooking with wood! The EcoZoom Versa is a portable cook stove which uses firewood or charcoal. Thanks to its innovative design, it is very efficient. Just a handful of sticks is enough to cook up to 5 liters of water or grill fish, meat or vegetables!

Ideal for outdoor cooking in your backyard, or camping!

Because of its compact size and durability, the EcoZoom stove is easy to carry. You can use it in your garden, take it camping with you or even to the beach! You don’t need to bring any gas cylinders or other fuel; just gather some sticks and start cooking!

Success in the US and UK

In Kenya and other African countries, EcoZoom stoves are being sold as more efficient and healthy alternatives to traditional methods of cooking. Mark Arends, one of the founders of says, “People in the US and UK – where stoves have been sold to campers and outdoor lovers for a while – are very positive about the EcoZoom stoves. Just visit Amazon in one of these countries and you will see very positive reviews. Gathering wood together and preparing a great meal outdoors is not only a lot of fun, but thanks to the EcoZoom stove it is also very safe. The outside of the stove doesn’t get too hot, ideal when kids are around.”

Helping out in Developing Countries

Mark Arends, “We have a good relationship with EcoZoom Kenya. From the Benelux we like to support people in Africa. We will therefore donate a part of our sales to the EcoZoom stove donation program. With this, more families in Kenya can benefit from these efficient stoves. Enjoying great meals and having fun over here while doing something good at the same time, it’s great right?”

In the Benelux the EcoZoom stoves are currently available at The stove is 7kg, has a height of 28cm and a diameter of 24cm, so it’s easy to carry anywhere you like. Wherever there is wood, you can cook!

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