Today we announce that we have partnered with US and Canadian incorporated Eartheasy!

Eartheasy has now become the exclusive North American distributor of our stoves. This partnership will allow our stoves to become available for purchase at retail stores while continuing with online sales throughout USA and Canada.

Our stoves efficiently burn wood, charcoal and solid biomass fuel while significantly reducing smoke output. Just a handful of sticks or charcoal can be enough fuel to cook an entire meal! Because EcoZoom stoves are so efficient, cooks inhale less dangerous smoke, fewer natural resources are depleted and less time and money is spent gathering fuel. EcoZoom rocket stoves are perfect for emergency preparedness, camping and off-grid living.
What is Eartheasy?
Native to New York, in 1970 Greg Seaman was working at an exhibit titled 'Can Man Survive?' which assessed the impact our modern lifestyles had on the health of the environment. Here the seed was planted!

At age 30, his longing for a simpler life took him and his family to an island in the Pacific Northwest where they lived with no electricity, services or even a road to their home. They lived in a hand-built house, grew their own produce and learned to use the natural materials for their off-grid lifestyle! 
And so in 2000, Eartheasy was born. The goal was simple: to encourage, inspire and inform people about the benefits of a simpler, less material lifestyle and the importance of protecting our natural environment as the source of our well-being.

The Eartheasy website is bursting with valuable information on how to live a more sustainable life and what products can help you do it. We are delighted to be partnered with Eartheasy as we have a shared vision for providing healthy, efficient and eco-friendly products to people worldwide! 

In 2011, it became the exclusive North American distributor of the LifeStraw Personal Water filter and has developed a large and growing network of retailers (4000+ stores).

Head to for more information! 

The LifeStraw is awesome, clean drinking water- anywhere!

To learn more about this partnership or for dealer inquiries, please contact Sustainable Living Ltd, Wholesale Department
605 – 55 E. Cordova St, Vancouver BC V6A-0A5
Office: (888) 451-6752

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