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Hesbon has worked here at EcoZoom in Nairobi as an operations officer for a year. We sat down with him to hear about the testing he has been doing on our stoves in Kibera!

Could you tell us a little bit about the product that you are testing?

The product is an improved charcoal stove called the Zoom Jet. It reduces charcoal consumption in households by up to 70% and is made from high grade materials that ensure the stove is efficient and durable. These materials include a cast iron top and grate, ceramic insulation and high temperature thermal insulation. The stove also features silicone grips on the handles to protect against heat, and silicone feet to prevent the stove from slipping.

How many households are you visiting for this testing?

I am working with 8 households within Kibera.



What are the differences between this stove and the one that came before it?

This version is 3kg lighter than the previous one making it easier to transport and move around in the home. It is 4.5cm shorter than the previous model, moving the pot closer to the charcoal which increases fuel savings. It has added insulation (both ceramic and thermal) which reduces heat loss and makes the stove more efficient! The non-slip rubber feet increase stability and it saves 10% more fuel! There is also a 15% Carbon Monoxide emission reduction compared to the previous model; 60% versus 45%.

Overall, are you pleased with the outcome of your research?

Yes, I am. The data I acquired will go a long way in demonstrating the actual fuel savings achieved through using the Zoom Jet stove in real-world conditions. Preliminary analysis shows a 32% reduction in average per capita charcoal consumption. Majority of the users were buying charcoal at KES 40 per tin per day. For these users, the 32% reduction would translate to savings of KES 384 per month. This means that in the 5 year life span of the stove, the user will have saved KES 23,040!

It was great interacting with our customers and getting their feedback. All of the users praised the product and said it had made a positive impact on their lives. This is very encouraging to hear. They were most pleased with the cost savings through reduced charcoal use and the faster cooking. In addition, they were proud to own such a good looking stove, saying it made them the envy of their neighbours!

Thank you Hesbon!

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