Mount Elgon Orchards is located on one of the oldest horticultural farms in Kenya, founded in 1920 by a Swedish botanist. In 1993 they began commercial rose production and over the following 20 years, the farm has continued to produce roses of the highest quality! At the farm, they strongly believe in looking after each other and the environment. All activities revolve around their core values; quality, responsibility and fun! Excellent quality products, caring for the people and environment, and enjoying what they do!


Mount Elgon Orchards is behind numerous other projects and organisations. In 1996, the Andersen Medical Centre was set up. For 10 years it operated from a residential house on the farm, but with the help of the German Development Bank, the company was able to build a new health facility in 2007 with a staff of 50.

In Kitale town, Mount Elgon Orchards established a workshop where appliances are made for disabled people. In addition to this, since 1998 the orchard has worked towards developing and improving awareness around HIV/Aids due to the isolation of the community from mainstream media. The Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centre was launched in 1998 and continues to help improve the lives of those affected. Following this, aids orphans and other vulnerable children were identified by the communities where the employees of the orchard live, and a beautiful home was built for them.

The Andersen nursery and primary school was started in 1998, and in 2008 a secondary school was built - The Andersen High School. As an attempt to create awareness for the environment, the trust also developed a tree nursery and a beekeeping program! On top of all this, in 2010 a Rural Housing Project was started. The aim was to provide the poorest people in the community with economical housing and land.

At EcoZoom we are seriously impressed by all the work the Mount Elgon Orchard does! We partnered with Mount Elgon Orchards to provide a Dura woodstove to the employees living at the establishment. At the farm they prefer to motivate employees with useful products when they reach their targets, rather than using financial incentives. In the Mount Elgon area, there is a lot of firewood fuel that was not being utilized properly; the Dura woodstoves were the perfect solution! 1000 Dura woodstoves were distributed to the employees at the orchard. They were very excited to receive the stoves and could not wait to try them! EcoZoom is proud to be a part of rewarding hardworking employees while helping to improving their lives and the environment!

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