EcoZoom is now working with impact start-up TRINE! Together we aim to bring solar power to 44,000 more people in Kenya. Over 35,000 euro has already been raised! Investors will enjoy a 6.37% expected return rate, more than most banks will get you.

Read more about the TRINE/EcoZoom project and financial details here.

The ‘TRINE Way’- 1.2 billion people around the world currently lack access to electricity. TRINE seeks to solve this problem by closing the gap between private capital in developed countries and local solar partners in emerging markets. 

When you invest in EcoZoom through TRINE crowdfunding, your investment will be part of a loan which EcoZoom will use to buy 15,000 solar systems, providing clean solar energy to over 44,000 people! The solar power that EcoZoom lamps provide is life changing for many, and benefits entire families tremendously.

TRINE’s project team travelled to Sibanga in Kenya with us to visit a micro-finance institute (MFI), which we partner with to sell our systems on credit. One of the customers is Mary. She grows maize to feed her family and sells dairy from her three cows to make money. Each day she can sell about 5 litres of milk for around 1.40 EUR. With this money, she covers her costs and finances her children’s education. In total Mary has 4 children and 9 grandchildren.

With solar power, young girls and boys like Mary’s grandchildren can use the lights once the sun sets to continue doing their homework, rather than sitting by dim kerosene lamps which emit toxic fumes. Women can use the lights in the kitchen, and they can be placed outside at night to scare off wild animals that prey on livestock. The entire family can listen to the radio and charge their phones using the portable power bank, or directly from the panel. This eliminates the need for them to travel to areas with electricity to pay for their phones to be charged!

Mary’s kerosene lamp used to emit harmful fumes, was costly to fuel and was damaging to the environment. She now has an EcoZoom Radiolamp. With it she can light her home, charge her phone, and listen to the news on the radio without those harmful fumes and running costs!

Read more about the TRINE/EcoZoom project and financial details here! Help us bring solar power to thousands more!

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