EcoZoom is happy to announce that both our Radio Lamp and Multi-Light solar lighting systems have met the Lighting Global quality standards! Lighting Global is the World Bank Group’s platform for supporting sustainable growth of the international off-grid lighting market. The aim is to increase energy access to people who do not have access to regular electricity.

We are currently selling these products in Kenya, and are looking for growth opportunities globally!



According to Lighting Global, close to 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa live without regular access to electricity. This severely impacts educational and economic activities, and has adverse effects on the day-to-day quality of life and health. Kerosene lamps are expensive to maintain and harmful to health. Solar powered lighting offers a long lasting, in-expensive solution to this problem.



The Lighting Global program promotes sustainability, provides market insights and quality assurance for off-grid lighting systems and technology. Lighting Global supports Lighting Africa, Lighting Asia and Lighting Pacific, which lead programs in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea, among others. The rigorous Quality Assurance framework involves measuring, benchmarking and communicating information about the performance and quality of these products.

Since 2007, Lighting Africa has empowered more than 35 million people with access to clean, affordable and safe lighting. It aims to reach 250 million more by 2030, currently operating in 11 countries.

With the EcoZoom Radio Lamp, users can charge their mobile phones, light their homes with 4 different brightness settings and listen to the Radio or music from an MP3 player. With the Multi-Light, users have 3 portable bulbs with 2 brightness settings and up to 10 hours of light per bulb. They can also charge their phone at home or on the go with the portable power bank.

We are happy to be associated with Lighting Global and look forward to bringing more quality solar powered products to the market in the future!

If you are interested in contacting us to hear more about buying or distributing our products, reach us here

Read more about Lighting Global approved products here.

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