Our latest charcoal stove saves 70% on fuel consumption, and produces 70% less smoke. It is by far our most efficient stove ever, helping to reduce deforestation by saving 40 trees over its 5 year lifetime.

Globally accepted testing standards have likened it to cooking with an LPG stove, that is how healty it is! This is revolutionary for a charcoal stove. 

In March of this year, a ban on charcoal trade and logging was put into place because our forests are disappearing, rivers are drying up and floods are destroying peoples livelihoods.

The health of Kenyans is also at risk with 16,600 people dying yearly from respiratory diseases. 4,900 of these deaths are children, as women and children are the most affected by household air pollution. 

This problem is not restricted to Kenya, with over 3 billion people worldwide still cooking on solid fuels like charcoal and firewood! The damage to people's health and the environment is unspeakable. 

Our new stove reduces toxic emissions like CO and PM2.5 (atmospheric particulate matter) by 70%!

Our stoves have been helping to reduce charcoal consumption in Kenya since 2013. We listened to feedback from our customers, and they told us that they wanted:

  • A bigger stove.
  • To be able to cook faster.
  • For the stove to be lighter in weight.
  • An ashtray.


So we did it! We worked hard with our product development team to bring a stove to the market that:

  • Is 5cm taller!
  • Has a new combustion chamber and secondary airflow, for faster cooking!
  • Is 2kg lighter!
  • And has an ashtray.


Individual units of this charcoal stove are currently on sale in Kenya only. For wholesale enquiries, please email micha@ecozoom.co.ke.

Visit www.ecozoom.com for more information on our products, and the impact we are making. 

Thank you for your continued support!
The EcoZoom team.

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