We recently visited Zambia to be present for the latest uptake of EcoZoom charcoal stoves. Zambia is one of the most forested countries in Africa with over 60% covered by woodland. It also has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world, estimated at up to 300,000 hectares per year (according to USAID). Gas is also hard to come by, so the charcoal industry is booming.

All these factors make EcoZoom stoves extremely suitable for the area. Our stoves will be valuable in the fight to save Zambia’s forests!



A traditional Zambian ‘mbaula’ (stove) has little to no means of retaining heat. For this reason, large amounts or charcoal are used each time the stove is lit. See the below comparison of a mbaula (left) and a traditional Kenyan stove (right).

So, we took our fuel efficient Zoom Jet Economy stove to Zambia, and it was a huge success! Compared to a traditional Kenyan jiko, our stove saves up to 70% on charcoal. Compare it to a mbaula, and it saves up to 90% on charcoal!

“Normally I use one bag of charcoal a day. Now, after 5 days with my EcoZoom stove, it is still not finished!” Mary.



In Zambia we have partnered with Vitalite and Live Well to ensure that our stoves reach the people who need them most.

Vitalite is a social enterprise that distributes renewable energy products and services in rural and urban areas. Their goal is to provide clean energy access to the 75% of Zambians who are not connected to the grid, and to reduce the ‘poverty tax’, where the poorest are paying the most to meet their basic needs. They use efficient market-based approaches to deliver affordable clean-energy household products.

Live Well is a for-profit social enterprise owned by CARE international. Their mission is to improve the health and economic status of under-served Zambians. They recruit, train and support a network of community health entrepreneurs in selling products that positively impact people’s health in rural and peri-urban communities.



We are excited to grow our presence in Zambia and to help reduce the alarming rate of deforestation in such a beautiful country!

Learn more about Live Well here and Vitalite here.

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