We started off 2017 with a visit to the KSPCA (Kenya society for the protection and care of animals), who have been helping animals since 1910! They are the only charitable animal welfare organisation in Kenya that deals for the most part with domestic animals.

What do they do?

The KSPCA provides shelter to animals who are abandoned, homeless, lost or victims of cruelty. They conduct spay and neuter campaigns (as they strongly believe in controlling the domestic animal population, rather than killing healthy animals) and teach humane slaughter of livestock (after seeing how animals suffer in abattoirs). In addition, they teach school children about animal welfare and they respond to over 6000 calls per year reporting cruelty and abandonment! These calls are often followed by investigation and rescue.

As the facility shelters hundreds of animals, they are cooking huge amounts of food daily! EcoZoom donated a Dura wood stove to the kitchen, which will save on firewood and cook with 60% less smoke! We also donated four sets of solar lighting systems, which will enable them to light the shelter at night without using electricity or dirty kerosene lamps.

Sadly, most animal charity donations tends to go towards bigger organisations that care for wild or endangered animals. This is great, but it means that the KSPCA isn’t receiving all the help they need!

Visit their website and help the KSPCA continue their work by making a small contribution through this page: http://www.kspca-kenya.org/get-involved/

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