Our new products have launched! Here at EcoZoom we have been working hard for months to be able to introduce you to our new merchandise! We are super excited to bring you the first EcoZoom solar products; the Radio Lamp and the Multi-Light! In addition, we unveiled our latest charcoal fuelled rocket stove, the Zoom Jet Economy.



Solar Radio Lamp

This will be the first integrated solar radio lamp of its kind in Kenya. In some African countries there are areas where people do not have access to electricity. For many of these people, radio is a key source for information. Our Solar Radio Lamp is a great solution. With the Radio lamp, families no longer have to rely on inefficient kerosene lamps- fuel costs are eliminated! Users can listen to music with the radio or MP3 player for up to 25 hours. They can also charge their phones and light their homes for up to 40 hours!

Solar Multi-Light with Power Bank

Just like the Radio lamp, the EcoZoom Multi-light eliminates kerosene costs for families living without access to regular electricity. With the Multi-light, families can use the three detachable bulbs in separate rooms, or even outside! The user can charge their phone at home, or on the go with the solar charged portable power bank. This is a tremendous help as many people have mobile phones, but no access to electricity. The MultiLight t is durable and offers up to 30 hours of lighting.


Zoom Jet Economy

The new Zoom Jet Economy is a result of continual end-user research we have been doing in Kenya. Our current Jet 2 charcoal stove is popular, but for many people- not affordable. We developed a stove which performs similarly, but at a lower price. This model is $5-10 cheaper! It makes healthy and efficient cooking more affordable! This charcoal stove saves an average of 65% on fuel, reduces toxic emissions and cooks fast. It has a 26cm cast iron top, a one year warranty and a lifetime up to 5 years! Silicone grips on the handles prevent burns, and non-slip rubber feet prevent the stove from sliding.

We look forward to evolving with the solar and clean cookstove industries and will continue to develop our new and existing products to suit the needs of our users, worldwide!

For more information about these products, or to find out how to order them, contact micha@ecozoom.co.ke.

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