Australia, being a mostly temperate country hasn’t really been exposed to the genius that is fuel efficient rocket stoves. Our newest supplier based in Australia was searching for an efficient outdoor cookstove and happily stumbled across our products. We have been keen to expand into Australia, so the opportunity suited us both very well.

Australia has a rich outdoor and BBQ culture. Combine an EcoZoom stove with a grill plate and you have the tools for a perfect barbeque, only more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Our stoves are easy to light and will have you cooking in no time; just a handful of sticks or charcoal can cook an entire meal. Our stoves also use dry biomass fuel, perfect for when you are out in the bush!

The stoves are compact and convenient, easy to carry around wherever you go. We also sell cast iron cooking accessories and a stove carrier bag. Due to the stove efficiency, and the fact that wood or biomass can be found anywhere in Australia, you don’t have to carry around any fuel supplies!

As Australia shivers through one of its coldest winters on record, spring approaches and we look forward to distributing as many of these stoves as we can, so you can enjoy cooking on them as much as we do! Looking for a fun, safe and eco-friendly way to cook outside? Then an EcoZoom stove is for you. While cooking up some eggs on the Versa Stove, our Australian distributor only used 6 kindling sticks, and had the fire burning for 40 minutes!

Visit our Australian website and check out the great range of stoves and accessories we have!

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