The “Just In Case” Survival Essentials: Fire & Water When we get the chance to ask our customers what they plan on using our EcoZoom rocket stoves for, almost all answers include the words “just in case”. Some people want one of our EcoZoom stoves primarily to keep on hand and use only if they find themselves in a situation without power. Others will cook with their stove on a daily basis, but also like knowing that they have an emergency stove to use “just in case” they need it. Lastly, some will use their rocket stove as their primary camping stove but again, like having their EcoZoom stove at home as well “just in case” they ever lose power. An EcoZoom stove can provide a powerful and efficient cooking source in the case of an emergency. Often times emergency needs include clean water, after all it is the essential element for life on earth. One way to do this is to sterilize water by boiling it, which an EcoZoom rocket stove can do quite quickly. The Dura and Versa can each bring 5-liters of water to a boil in under 23 minutes, providing clean water in the case of an emergency. But having an independent and easy to use tool for cooking and one for water filtration can save time and resources when you are in a pinch. That’s why this holiday season we are offering the Dura and Versa Survivor Packages, which include a LifeStraw Personal Water Filter and 10 Ignite Discs.

EcoZoom LifeStraw Survival Package

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is a simple tool that doesn’t require any heat source, chemicals, waiting time, or prepping to use. It was awarded Life Magazine’s “Invention of the Year” by putting the power of clean water access in the hands of people around the world. Simply submerge the filter end of the LifeStraw into your water source and suck water through the straw end. When finished, blow any remaining water out of the straw and stow away with the caps on. It couldn’t be easier. Just like our EcoZoom rocket stoves, the LifeStraw is the perfect “just in case” solution for clean drinking water. It is used by people as both an emergency preparedness tool as well as a camping or outdoor recreation water filter. Also similar to EcoZoom, the LifeStraw’s effectiveness and durability has been tested around the world in some of the most demanding conditions within developing countries. For a limited time we are offering a Dura Survival Package and Versa Survival Package which includes the EcoZoom rocket stove of your choice along with a LifeStraw Personal Water Filter and EcoZoom Ignite Disc 10-pack. Buy the Survival Package today and save $20 compared to purchasing each item individually. Happy Holidays!

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