A Hot Summer Filled with Rocket Stove Heat Summer has almost passed and as always it feels like it went by fast. It’s time to recap all the places we have been with our EcoZoom rocket stove to remember the fun we had under the sun cooking outside. Our EcoZoom rocket stoves pretty much go with us everywhere we go, so it’s no surprise that they have been to some pretty great place this summer. Here are just a few trips that they made it along with us. We look forward to many more regardless of the season. Eugene, Oregon Better known as Tracktown USA by the locals and running fans alike, we took a trip to the home of hippies to fire up an EcoZoom Versa and Dura for a post track meet meal. The Prefontaine Classic took place right after our founding team moved to Nairobi, Kenya so it was only proper that Kenyan runners made a strong showing at the meet in the distance events.

Prefontaine Classic

Lander, Wyoming A lucky EcoZoom Dura Lite was brought along on a climbing trip to the beautiful limestone pocketed walls of Wild Iris just outside of Lander, Wyoming. Read our previous blog post to read about the weekend adventure and a little cowboy coffee. Salt Lake City, Utah A trip to the Salt Lake Valley resulted in a lot of heat. It was the dead of Summer where temps easily hit 100 degrees and our EcoZoom stoves were able to add to the cause with a little cooking heat of their own. EcoZoom was able to visit the Wasatch front, Snowbird, and Park City to get a little taste the many things Utah has to offer.

EcoZoom Salt Lake City

Manzanita, Oregon When temperatures get too extreme in our hometown of Portland (which is rare), people escape the natural air conditioner that is the Oregon Coast. Either on a quick day trip or weekend trip, the Oregon Coast beaches and rocky coastlines make for picture perfect settings and ample driftwood as fuel for cooking on the beach.

EcoZoom Oregon Beach

Smith Rock State Park, Oregon The mecca of sport climbing, Smith Rock State Park is the home to countless rock climbing routes that offer endless ascents. The Crooked River snakes its way through the park and offers fly fisherman some peaceful casts among towering rock faces. Speaking of snakes, watch out for rattlers! Read our past trip report and some camp burritos that were made thanks to an EcoZoom Dura Lite. Bulo Point, Oregon This small little crag is nestled just east of Mount Hood on the edge of where the rainy western side of the Cascades transitions to the eastern dry climate. The climbing was average but the views from the top of the rock formation where we camped made up for it all. An EcoZoom Versa made the trip and cooked up some dinner with charcoal for fuel.

EcoZoom Bulo Point

Hayden Island, Columbia River Technically, Hayden Island is still in Oregon, but if you paddle out onto the Columbia river from one of the many docks, who knows what state you are in. Bring on the river boat gambling! While taking turns paddleboarding, tubing, and canoeing a little bit of cooking was done on an EcoZoom Versa. Salmon was first cooked up in our cast iron skillet, followed by some local handmade sausage for the crowd.

EcoZoom Columbia River

These are just a few places that we were visited this summer. Lucky for us the Northwest is a beautiful place to be during the summertime, but so are lots of other places around the country and world. Where did you take your EcoZoom rocket stove this Summer? Maybe some place exotic? Or maybe it was just out in your backyard for your family to enjoy. Whatever the case, we’d love to hear from where you have been cooking on your EcoZoom rocket stove this summer. Submit your story to tom@ecozoomstove.com to be featured on our blog or Facebook page!   About the Author: is an EcoZoom employee and likes to cook outdoors with his EcoZoom stove on camping trips or sunny days. You can email him directly at tom@ecozoomstove.com.

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