Starting an EcoZoom Rocket Stove: EcoZoom Ignite Discs EcoZoom rocket stoves are already easy to start. Just build a small fire inside the combustion chamber the same way you would start a campfire: A little paper and some kindling. That’s easy, but it just got even easier. Have you ever tried building a fire while camping with friends? Inevitably someone will comment on how they think you could start the fire differently. Either your kindling isn’t properly positioned, your wood isn’t dry enough, you didn’t stack it with ultimate precision, or you are using too much paper. It seems everyone knows how to start a fire better than the next person. Time to put that notion to rest with EcoZoom Ignite Discs. Starting a fire within an EcoZoom rocket stove uses the same principles as starting a camp fire. Placing a little bit of paper with some dry kindling, and proper airflow usually gets the stove started in no time for you to add larger pieces of fuel when cooking with wood. It’s so easy that we were able to make a six-second guide to starting an EcoZoom rocket stove in of our past blog posts. Cooking with wood is easy. Ignite Disc There's no reason you couldn't use an entire Zoom Ignite Disc to start your stove or even to cook on. But just a quarter or half of one is usually plenty to get your EcoZoom stove fired up. The same isn’t always the case when cooking with charcoal on an EcoZoom rocket stove. Some charcoal comes treated with lighter fluid to make the lighting process easy. Other all natural charcoal doesn’t treat the briquettes with lighter fluid, making the lighting process a little more tricky. The first few times trying to light your EcoZoom rocket stove using charcoal can take some practice on proper placement of paper or kindling to get the charcoal lit. Luckily, our EcoZoom Ignite Discs have made lighting your EcoZoom Versa or EcoZoom Versa Lite that much easier when cooking with charcoal, here is how it is done: Step 1: Break off half or a quarter of an EcoZoom Ignite Disc. There is no need to use an entire disc, just a portion of one will burn long enough to get the stove started. Open the top door and bottom door completely. Step 2: Place the disc on top of the removable grate then light the disc. Step 3: Once the disc is burning close the top door and keep the bottom door open for maximum air flow Step 4: Top load a few pieces of charcoal on top of the burning Ignite Disc. Step 5: Wait for the first few pieces of charcoal to light before adding more charcoal as needed for your cooking needs. Cooking with an EcoZoom rocket stove just became even easier with our EcoZoom Ignite Discs. Another added benefit is that the EcoZoom Ignite Discs are water resistant and store easily for emergency preparedness supplies to ensure that you will always have fuel on hand if needed. As always, practice makes perfect when using your EcoZoom rocket stove. Take it out and cook on it once a week to practice the art of fire starting while cooking a tasty meal!   About the Author: is an EcoZoom employee and likes to cook outdoors with his EcoZoom stove on camping trips or sunny days. You can email him directly at

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