We are delighted to announce that with a grant awarded by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, we have launched the first EcoZoom radio campaign in Kenya! In the campaign we inform Kenyans nationwide of the benefits of our clean cookstoves and invite them to buy. Our end users enjoy less smoke, faster cooking time and up to 70% fuel savings on charcoal or wood!

Listen to it here: https://soundcloud.com/micha-dhanjal/ecozoom-kenya-radio-campaign

As the campaign airs, the EcoZoom team is present at the market days in the associated areas, so that customers can hear about us on the radio and then visit our stand where we demonstrate all the benefits of our products.

At the moment in Kenya, our most popular products are our charcoal stoves- the Jiko Bora and the Jiko Fresh, both based on the traditional Kenyan ‘jiko’ (stove in Kiswahili). In addition, we are showing customers our new Radio Lamp and Multi-Light solar lights which provide people with up to 50 hours of lighting, mobile phone charging and radio!

September sees our campaign airing in the Nairobi region on Maisha FM, with market days in Kawangware and Pipeline. In October we move through the Rift Valley with Chamgei FM, November at the coast with Baraka FM and finally December in the central region with Inooro FM

Our market activation involves placing informative banners and posters with our contact details at important street points, being present in the areas in our EcoZoom gear and generally having fun while engaging with customers!

We will partner with MEC/Equity Bank, Juhudi Kilimo, Yehu MicroFinance, Ark Development and Livelyhoods in order to reach a greater audience during our ground activities.

If you are in Kenya, keep your ears and eyes open for us around the country! Follow our campaign activities by liking our EcoZoom Kenya facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ecozoomkenya

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