We are excited to introduce the EcoZoom Solar Family! EcoZoom solar products have been specifically designed for people in developing countries with limited access to electricity. More than just a light, they come with many additional functions, which are essential to those living without power!

The new family of products offers complete flexibility of use. Our classic orange solar powered bulb (each bulb has 2 brightness settings: 150 and 75 lumens), is combined with a variety of components to create a product suited to any family, depending on their needs.

From smaller combinations like one light and a panel, to family size combinations like 4 bulbs, two power banks and a radio! The components can be charged individually or collectively and have no fixed wires- making them portable, with no restrictions.

Children can use the light to do homework and the entire family can charge their phones from wherever they are, the benefits are endless!

Keep reading and see the options:

The Multi Light Maxi: 4 bulbs with a 13W solar panel, two portable power banks for phone charging and a handheld radio, keeping people connected with the news!


The Multi Light: Three bulbs with a panel, and a power bank for phone charging.


The Duo Light: Two bulbs with a solar panel that the user can use to charge their phone.


The Single Solar + : With this combination, the user has one bulb and a panel, and can charge their phone from a portable power bank with a battery capacity of 2600 mAh.


The Single Solar (with panel phone charging): One bulb, and the user can charge their phone directly from the panel!


And finally, the Single Solar (without phone charging): One solar powered bulb and a 1.7W solar panel.


We have another new, very exciting energy saving product to launch coming up in a few months, stay tuned!


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