Story by Maureen Mumo

The pyramid has long been used to illustrate the relationship and struggles among the different classes of society. The pyramid symbolizes the discrepancy among the different strata of society, and it’s been so from the time of Ancient Egypt to this very day. It's estimated that 4 billion people live on less than USD 5 per day. Click here for a detailed explanation of each segment of living standards.

While the “Base of Pyramid” intuitively has the largest demographic, it is traditionally the most undermined in terms of financial capability. Today, the call to include the marginalized sectors of society in business and economic models is growing ever louder, and it certainly is not falling on deaf ears. Ever since societies were segmented into different economic classes, the pyramid has served as a representation of how societies across different eras and cultures were arranged.

The base of the economic pyramid has traditionally been comprised of the poor, who are often dismissed as being financially incapable. Recent times have proved this to be a fallacy, as evidenced by the integration of the Base of Pyramid into the productive and entrepreneurial markets. A number of thought leaders, among them C. K. Prahalad of the University of Michigan, author of “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid,” and Stuart Hart of Cornell University, author of “Capitalism at the Crossroads,” have pointed to the potential of this budding market, and have conceptualized and developed new models of conducting business that consciously target this particular huge demographic, often involving new technologies and innovations. The proponents of Bottom of the Pyramid (Base of Pyramid), an inclusive business model that encompasses, and oftentimes prioritizes, the “base-dwellers,” propose that business, government and donor entities cease to think of the poor and marginalized sectors of the society as “victims,” and instead start recognizing their potentials as determined and creative entrepreneurs and as astute consumers.

Away from the dusty lecture halls, EcoZoom took the mantle of responsibility and is at the forefront of change and impact for the lives of people who comprise the Base of Pyramid. EcoZoom is a Certified B Corporation that strives for great impact, and we're redefining the term “poor.”

The Base of Pyramid includes people who want to reap the most benefit from the little money that they have, which makes them very intelligent spenders. Our principal motivator – access to beautifully designed products that will improve health, income and environment for all people – has earned an overall score in the top 10 percent of all Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment, a comprehensive assessment of a company's impact on its workers, community and the environment.

We’re proud to be the vehicle of change in society!

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