Story by Maureen Mumo

2015 is the UNESCO International Year of Light, a global initiative highlighting the significance of light in everyday life and for the development of society. It is an exceptional opportunity to motivate, educate and connect on a global scale.

In Africa almost 600 million people - more than the collective populations of the US, Mexico and Canada - live without electricity. They often rely on smoky, dangerous kerosene lamps that produce health-damaging fumes and are a constant risk of fires to light their homes. Across the world, the figures are approximately 1.3 billion people.















Solar lights offer the perfect solution. They are healthy, safe, bright and provide economic benefits. Children who study with solar light study for 75% longer than those who use kerosene. And they don’t breathe toxic fumes!

It is not just studying that's better with light. Business owners report at 25% increase in income when able to operate at night and households can save hundreds of dollar a year not buying kerosene.

Mobile phones keep people in touch with family and friends, and give access to information, entertainment and mobile money. Being able to charge a mobile phone with the solar home system is an added advantage. Solar power enables people in off-grid homes to stay connected to the world, without the cost and effort of sending phones to be charged in town.

Solar systems can also power radios, providing entertainment and information. All in all it’s a win-win as savings in time and money are guaranteed.

As we continue to commemorate this event throughout this year, EcoZoom is proud to contribute to such a worthy cause by offering a solar home lighting system in addition to the other single lamps we currently offer.

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