Cook Profile

Ann Njue
Age 34
Mother of 2
Lives in Athi River, Machakos County, Kenya

Purchase Date and Location

Ann purchased her stove at her place of work after seeing a demo done by an EcoZoom distributor.

Reason for Purchase

Ann purchased her stove because her monthly expenditure on charcoal was extremely high. She was desperate for a solution until she discovered the EcoZoom stove. Three weeks down the line, Ann is a happy woman and says that, “the stove is efficient, energy saving and clean to cook on.”


Ann uses her EcoZoom stove to cook twice in day. For breakfast she cooks porridge for her husband and children before they go to school and for dinner she cooks githeri mostly (a Kenya dish made of beans and corn). She says she saves so much time cooking on the stove since it’s very fast and then she has some extra time to spend with her children before they go to bed.

The Transformation

On daily basis, Ann spent 100 shillings ($1.09) to purchase charcoal, but nowadays she spends only 40 shillings ($0.44). With the money she saves on charcoal, she is able to buy more food and clothes for her two children.

Ann also says that the stove burns cleaner and therefore she no longer has itchy eyes or worries about her two children’s health. She also likes that her cooking pots don’t become black from soot.

Thanks to Ann for sharing her EcoZoom story with us!

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