Fall Cooking on the Versa

With a glorious summer at our backs and the ominous gray of Winter fast approaching, these crisp October days present us with a last opportunity to enjoy hiking and camping under the thinning red, orange and yellow canopy.

Along with the changing colors of the foliage and the fall season upon Oregon, the cooler weather brings with it a hankering for hearty and comforting grub. 

So why not combine the two and cook up a belly warming al-fresco feast on our EcoZoom stove?

Suzanne and Mike, from Oregon, show us that outdoor cooking doesn’t have to consist in tasteless rehydrated packet meals and that comfort food can be tantalizing and delicious without compromising our health (macaroni and cheese, anyone?).

They used our Versa (flex fuel) rocket stove to cook up a hearty and satisfying vegetarian chili with sweet butternut squash, the archetypal Fall ingredient.

“I got the fire going with just a large handful of tiny twigs,” says Mike.

“Because it was a very large pot, and cooking for a half an hour or more, I added some small bits of fuel during the cooking process, about 15 minutes in, but I could tell later that it wasn't really necessary. Once I had a flame I was able to create a cooking fire with hot embers by adding in about nine sticks, about three at a time, each about a fourth the size of the opening in the top. I stoked the flames when necessary by opening the small gate in the bottom of the stove. The stew was very hot throughout the cooking time—steaming hot. When I took the pot off the stove, there was still plenty of heat for cooking.”

In case these photos are making your mouth water and your bellies grumble – like they are ours – here is a variation of vegetarian butternut squash chilli: http://bit.ly/1ECyxbR. But go ahead, get creative!

What are you cooking this Fall on your EcoZoom stove? We would love to hear from you. Thanks Suzanne & Mike for sharing!




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