With weather warming up across the country, camping season has officially returned. We’ve been lucky enough to escape a few times over the past month and brought along our EcoZoom rocket stove to lend a hand with the cooking duties

Camping can mean a lot of different things to different people. For some, it means packing ultra-light, hiking into the woods a few miles, and removing the capability of being able to find out anything happening around the world. Others splurge for a tow-a-long 5th wheel, pull into a large campground, and enjoy the company of others that want to spend time away from their normal indoor lives. Any way that you decide to enjoy the great outdoors camping, you are going to need a solution for cooking.

I’ve always looked at cooking while camping as a chore. I wasn’t camping to spend time cooking, I was camping to have access to the all sorts of great swimming holes, hiking trails, or other outdoor activities. As I get a little older I’ve learned to enjoy the idea of packing a cooler full of food to prepare and eat well while camping. It’s partly that I enjoy it, and partly that I can’t stomach canned pasta anymore. So even if by default, I’ve learned to be more creative with my camp cooking, and using an EcoZoom rocket stove has now made a once burdensome task fun.


There is something about playing with fire that can suck even the most cautious person into being a rebel. Testing your wits to start a fire, seeing what will burn and what won’t, and being mesmerized by flames shows that every one of us has a little bit of pyromania running through our veins. EcoZoom rocket stoves allow you to fill your fire playing needs while also cooking a meal. Just a few sticks, pinecones, or pieces of charcoal can fuel up your stove enough to put out big power and cook an entire meal.

The efficiency and power of EcoZoom rocket stoves make them great stoves for any outdoor setting, and camping is no exception. Typically one has to wonder or guess if they have enough propane to last them an entire trip, which usually results in buying more propane canisters and having to lug those with you. EcoZoom stoves allow you to use just a little of the firewood you might have with you already, or require that you go gather a few sticks around the campsite to burn. The EcoZoom Dura and Versa are both great options for camping due to their portability, insulated chamber, and controlled fire experience.

This summer we will be reporting on the various camping trips we take with our EcoZoom stoves, sharing recipes, and the adventures we have along the way. We would love to hear from you as well - share your stories with us on Facebook!





About the Author: is an EcoZoom employee and likes to cook outdoors with his EcoZoom rocket stove on camping trips or sunny days. You can email him directly at tom@ecozoomstove.com.

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