Photographing Fall Colors and Rocket Stove Flames – Part 2 The EcoZoom team recently took a trip to the farmlands outside of their US based offices in Portland, OR for a fall rocket stove photo shoot. A sunny but crisp day graced the team with the perfect conditions for the shoot, but the real success came from the property we were allowed to shoot on. On our hunt for the perfect location for our fall photo shoot, we were lucky enough to find a property that had everything we were looking for, but getting permission from the property owner was the last step. Fortunately for us, the property owner responded kindly to random notes left by strangers on the back door. Ms. Barner couldn’t have been nicer or made our rocket stove photo shoot any easier on us. She lived in the large red house by herself, which was originally owned by her grandparents. The house and barns sat on a plot of farmland more than 80 acres just west of Portland. When we arrived she greeted us outside and told us to do as we pleased, she was going to be inside finishing up baking some pies and would come out later. The weather couldn’t have been better. The sun was shining, providing enough warmth to counter the cool air and walk around comfortably in short sleeves. We strolled around the property seeking the right backdrop, lighting, and colors. Our first round of photos was shooting the EcoZoom Dura next to a large covered wood pile that sat behind the main house on the lot. The moss covered roof protected a large stack of wood, chopping station, and bundles of kindling. We fired up the Dura and shot it from a multitude of angles to catch the perfect sun beams coming through the walnut trees. Next we moved in front of the wooden beams of the main barn with a tractor sitting in the door frame. The photo that resulted was a wallpaper that we linked to in our previous blog post of an EcoZoom Versa which can be found here. After snapping off dozens of more photos we called it quits, wrapping up the shoot in two hours. But before we left we had a chance to spend some more time with Ms. Barner and hear how sought after he home was.

EcoZoom Fall Photoshoot

Lighting up the EcoZoom Dura next to the shelter covering the wood pile and kindling for the winter ahead.

Apparently we weren’t the only people who that she had the perfect backdrop for capturing the perfect photo. High schoolers frequently ask if they can take senior portraits around here house as well as photogenic couples. Lastly, she told us of a recent offer by a major television series being filmed in Portland that wanted to use her home for an upcoming day of filming. They proposed paying her to film inside and around her home but the catch was they would have to clear her home of the current belonings and have everything replaced before moving her original belongings back inside. She politely declined. We couldn’t have asked for a better host or property for our fall rocket stove photo shoot. Thanks to Ms. Barner for being so kind and accommodating to support our efforts to capture the perfect photo of an EcoZoom rocket stove fired up in a fall setting.   About the Author: is an EcoZoom employee and likes to cook outdoors with his EcoZoom rocket stove on camping trips or sunny days. You can email him directly at

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