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Solar Powered Lighting Solutions

Solar power is essential to people living in rural areas. Worldwide, over 1 billion people are still living without access to regular electricity. This affects businesses, educational facilities and entire families. In the developing world, children come home from school and are often unable to do their homework once the sun sets, or are forced to sit by harmful kerosene lamps.Women must prepare meals for their families in darkness, and majority of household operations come to a standstill. It is not uncommon for an individual to have to walk miles into the nearest town to pay to get their mobile phone charged at a shop, where they must sit and wait, just so that they can make one phone call.

In June of 2016, we introduced our first line of solar powered lights to East Africa. Our target market in the developing world, those that cook with charcoal and firewood, often live in areas were there is irregular or no access to electricity. Through focus groups and customer surveys, we came to understand that the people who were already using EcoZoom stoves were also in need of solar powered lights.

Joshua, an EcoZoom customer, told us "No more smoke no more coughing. Kerosene was expensive solar is much more cost effective.

Our first two product were the Radio Lamp and the Multi Light. The Radio Lamp (a combination of a torch and a radio powered by a solar panel), provided the end user with 4 brightness settings, FM radio, MP3 player and mobile phone charging. The Multi Light provided the end user with 3 portable bulbs with 2 brightness settings each, and a portable power bank for mobile phone charging.

My husband is a boda boda rider (Kenyan motorbike taxi), and he always carries the power bank in his bag with him. I like to keep one of the bulbs in my bag, incase I am walking home at night! Mary, Kitui region.

Through crowdfunding campaigns alone, we have already provided 80,000 Kenyans with access to solar power!

Our range of solar powered products has continued to expand, we now have 8 solar powered products in our portfolio, and counting. Solar power is an integral part of the EcoZoom business, and we look forward to helping others gain access to renewable energy. Our solar products are also effective for camping and recreational use, as well as emergency preparedness.

Please contact micha@ecozoom.co.ke for more information.

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