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Emerging Markets

Visit our global website www.ecozoomglobal.com, to learn more about our international impact.

Products: Wood stoves, charcoal stoves and solar powered lighting solutions.

Locations: Countries where large portions of the population still cook daily with firewood or charcoal, and live without regular access to electricity.

Implementing Partners: DelAgua Health & Development, Relief International, Restio Energy, the ICRC, Kore Timoun, Care International, Solar Now, Solar Sister, the Clean Cookstove Association of Kenya, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, the World Food Programme, the Danish Refugee Council, GIZ and many more.

The Problem

Did you know that household air pollution kills 4 million people a year? We believe products that improve peoples health, income and environment should be accessible to everyone, regardless of socio economic status. To date, we have distributed stoves and solar lights in over 34 countries worldwide.

EcoZoom works with NGOs, governments, aid organisations and local businesses and entrepreneurs who want to put clean cookstoves and solar lights into the hands of people who need them most. 

We group our customers into three segments; commercial, development and relief.



In some places cookstoves can sell for a profit throughout a sustainable value chain and create recurring revenue opportunities for manufacturers and distributors. End consumers purchase a cookstove outright or purchase a cookstove with end-user financing. This market may or may not use carbon financing, but does not depend on carbon financing. Examples of the people we work with are micro-finance institutions and community banks i.e. Equity Bank in Kenya.


Cookstove markets are just getting started in many areas and must be fostered to grow into a commercial market. The value of a cookstove to a family is not well known, price elasticity of demand is quite small and we compete for end user purchases with mobile phones or other technologies. Cookstove samples and subsidized stoves can help generate a thriving cookstove market. In some cases, stove donations or subsidies can break the poverty trap of spending a high amount of time or income on fuel, and demonstrate the value that an improved cookstove has to health and prosperity. Examples of organisations we work with (typically commercial development NGOs), are LivelyhoodsLiving Goods and Care International.



There are millions of people living in poverty and in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps. Cooking in these camps is often dangerous as many three stone fires are in close proximity and can put a strain on natural resources. Relief organizations target these end users with improved cookstoves to provide health, safety and environmental relief. For example, a focus of the United Nations is to improve energy poverty in camps and reduce the huge impact on the natural environment that surrounds them. Some organizations we have worked with include the World Food Programme, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Relief International.



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